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many truths (prod. [matador​]​)

by Roberto.

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fake friends change for a dollar in the fourth quarter. make ends stretch by any means, that's the law and order. your bitch called and said she wanna ride me like a surfboarder go ahead and ask her, matter fact I'll call for ya I do it all for ya but you'll never know that ima probably hit ya come thursday like a throwback i done heard ya friend say she thirsty where the moet I'm trying to have her face all in the couch like where the remote at ay drink more water. don't forget to eat your vegetables. stick to the ganja, I confess to eating fentanyl. I'm blessed to be alive, shit you blessed to be acceptable. it's blessings in your eyes, so it's best to be respectable and receptive to the shit. think I'm flexing? shit I haven't asked a question in a grip putting pressure in the blunt, I'm putting pressure on the clip felt depression for some months and left impressions on your hips I'm sick reload twice and let the record spin we'd be alright if not for negligence it could be all night just know that we on sight I might not be so nice up in mentions it's me
dear mrs. what's her name we haven't spoken in a minute last I heard you had ambition and I'm hoping that you did it taciturn in your convictions I don't even know your name lacking purpose and your digits turn you into lois lane if you let me you've see me akin the growing pains in my best weeks days and minutes passing like the smooth sights through the window Ain't none of my business tonight what you into fire up the indo for the one time you moved away now (that's cool) engaged now (that too) but hey now, that dude you knew ain't the same now when pride was hard to swallow, probably followed by a rain cloud I been kinda hollow lately what's new but getting hella checks like it's 1,2 1,2 but I just wanna do watch you want to, want to and if you feeling up to it come through, come through but look enough about me how you been doing lately? we should go get something to eat I got like a g of green and a couple of beats sincerely yours, I've been thinking of you with love, from me. walk away before it's too late where the the sun sets soon and the love seems fake I don't believe you won't go away when the clock hits noon and your mug sees day I I don't need you I got people Time to leave you I am evil I am see through
it's the middle of the the summer yet her heart is still cold I been chilling in the cut but shit it's hard when you know that it ain't worth it when we cuff you got a heart of fool's gold if you see purple in my cup just know i'll probably move oh no ain't been around but I'm back, flip the town spin around drip or drown issa fact I might pull up to you house with with the blunt in my mouth like baby what you about I'm tryna fuck then I'm out cause you can't lose love that you never had why y'all talking true love I'm just trying to do sum, talking bout a match if you ain't really trying to move sum then I gotta dash do the dash in my foreign you know I love you though I'll be back in the morning be back for some more you love me too shit I asked you before but it's left up to chance shit I'm passing the torch cause I can't stand living up in the past anymore nowhere to run didn't nobody say this shit was easy baby please don't leave me when you call it reminds me why it wasn't easy it's my fault when i fall it's a safe bet that i've been seizing a sacred place to call my own, i face the facts, a seed has grown now that you're sleeping i look into your desperate eyes and see a place that I can grow and I'm bleeding
fuck out my face ain't seen the sun minute I'm thinking of running away cut to the chase if you want smoke then I'll take a blunt to the face fuck it up fuck you ok if you want to it's an awful lot of shit that we gone through thinking about mom dukes when I leave hope she good think I'm fucking with the drugs but the weed understood wanna be understood trying to cope with pain I'm bout to hop on a plane might leave my soul on this plane flylo I know things ain't gon be the same once my voice hit VINYL I know know you don't eem know what I'm saying take a sip then drive slow I know I know (2x)
how lucky am I? 20 I'm not dead broke or in jail fucked up inside it's plenty that's dead hoping I fail I'd rather show you than tell but navigations a mystery it's 47 women on my line that don't mean shit to me blissfully intermittent twisting weed in the cab I missed you at intermission switched the scene and the grass looking greener now past shooting fast as nina wow thinking of what's past moving past it to see you smile onamatopeia mama se mama ma cu sah I don't wanna be here I been praying to get off the block mama say I'm in an awkward spot known to talk a lot gimme a couple weeks eighth ima nag a sock e on my tank when I'm rolling through your neighborhood for the chase and I'm just hoping you don't stay for good playa pimp shit where you at you been you saying slick shit get the fuck out of my mentions most class hands down like I'm sitting back in algebra I don't even want to but I gotta eat feeling on my own two I don't even see Or recognize the old you what you wanna be I don't even know you I don't even know you I'll call you back in a minute bitch I'm spitting on a track tit for tatlike the shit that you got written on your back what's yo at where you at I'll forget it when I'm sober she like come thru ay come over she like 1, 2 uh payola if you want to uh, crayola color me surprised like I wondered what the fuck was living under your disguise ...looking stuck up in your eyes I ain't got nothing to lose but I lain't fucking with your ties a stuck In these but probably running when they're tied I keep my shit laced nah I'm serious dog I had my shit laced paramedics running in my house OG OD what the fuck are you about what the I'm losing count of the days as they go by see time pass through the eyeglass and I don't know why my past feeling like it's filtered no hi pass my flask empty know you feel me when I ride past my high ass still waking up too late still thinking I can come through baked and with the shit my mom still text my phone like it's 2012 I'm still trying to enjoy records no melle mel they say give em hell when you get there, got the city on my back i used to dream living with the fact that you won't ever say you love me til it's too late pray to god I never feel so broke I have to move to weight a second time these days I hold my heart when I'm telling rhymes to the gone and lost forever like oh my darling clementine post mortem postpartum go for it hold onto ever living memories as they come it's so often that we live and die before we realize that it happened the days become months and they turn out as imagined this way beyond a love this shit was ...out of a passion its days when I was fucked, sitting burned out on my last cent pay me up front that shit don't work out on the back end pull up, collect a check, them I chirp out and I'm laughing shit yo I was meant for this shit worth every single penny that you spent on the shit


released January 6, 2020


all rights reserved



Roberto. Cincinnati, Ohio

/stoopkidinc on facebook, soundcloud.
stoopkidinc_ on instagram

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